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Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough –

President Mohammadu Buhari,The president of Nigeria,has tried his possible best to make the Nigeria economy to be stable.I want to say that we the citizens contribute immensely to the problems

People of Nigeria and worldwide I started being a blogger today for just a few reasons to make sure my conscience is satisfied also to create some view in other aspect to make people happy.

1; To make people know me

Yeah,I want people to know me in different aspect in life which will make me grow by their maximum supports.

2; My Future ;

Many will start asking themselves what has blogging got to do with my career. Actually I really love to be a footballer which has really been my day one dream I know some day am going to be the Christiano Ronaldo of my generation.I remembered back when my mom use to say how I started using my kneels to start kicking ball when I was a kid and I have said to myself that someday my story will change and that of Nigeria as a whole.

My Religion;

I’m a christian by religion and God has been helping me in different ways .my faith shall make me whole.